School Day
The school doors open at 9:20am. Children begin to assemble in the school yard from 9:10am where they join their class line. Rosegreen NS does not accept responsibility before this time. Please try to avoid unnecessary disruption of classes after this time.

There are two breaks during the school day. A short break from 11.00am to 11:15 am and a longer break from 12.30pm to 1:00pm.

At 2.00pm the junior and senior infants will be taken to the front door of the school by the teacher. When the teacher arrives at the door the parents can come up to the door and take their child. All other classes are dismissed at 3.00pm. Children should leave the school grounds immediately as the school cannot accept responsibility for children after that time.

In Rosegreen NS we have a Healthy Eating Policy. Foods such as sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks, etc. are not allowed.

We encourage children to bring a healthy lunch with foods such as fruit, yogurts, sandwich, water, etc.

Special exceptions are made at the discretion of the school for occasions such as end of term class party etc.


We encourage parents to use the car  park in front of the community field and use the footpath and style to access the school. This is a much safer place to drop/pick up your child. Alternatively, parents choosing to use the carpark opposite the church, should ideally escort their children to the school as the area in front of the shop/fuel station can be busy.  Please do not park on school side of the road, yellow lines or on the yellow box as this space is needed to facilitate the bus. The bus stops in front of the school gate and parking around the school gate can be dangerous for all school children.


Party Invitations
It is our policy that invitations to birthday parties or other special occasions are not distributed during school time. This is out of consideration for non-receivers.


If your child is absent due to sickness, family reasons etc, please inform the school in writing(homework diary) or by email (Class Teacher). You can send this into the school when the child returns. It is not necessary to ring the school the day of the absence unless a school outing was planned that same day.

If a child misses 20 days or more the principal has the duty to report these absences to the National Educational Welfare Board.

If your child is leaving school early on any given day it is necessary to provide prior notice to the school if possible.


Communication with Parents 
The school recognises the importance of maintaining communication with parents. Please keep an eye on your child’s school bag as it might contain notes from the school and please check your emails on a regular basis for any communications from the school or the class teacher.

The school also uses “Text-a-Parent” to remind parents of events, closures, sports sessions, etc. Please ensure the school has your correct mobile phone number.

Please do not hesitate to approach the teacher if you are anxious about some issue relating to your child. If you wish to have a more detailed discussion, please arrange a convenient time in advance.


Health and Safety
As part of our school health programme we encourage regular washing of hands especially around eating time and after toilet use.

If your child develops any contagious illness please keep him/her away from school until the period of contagion is over.

We also recommend that your regularly check your child for headlice. If they occur please treat immediately and inform the teacher so that notification of possible risk may be sent out to other parents.


Continuous informal assessment will be made by the teacher throughout the school. Parent-Teacher meetings take place once during the year and these usually take place during the first term. A written report is sent to every student at the end of each academic year.