February 9, 2022


Our Green School Committee is currently working to obtain our next green flag on the theme of Biodiversity.

The meaning of ‘Biodiversity’ is easier to understand when we break the word down; “bio” refers to life and ‘living things’ and “Diversity” means just that: range or variety. The word refers to the huge variety and variation of life that is all around us.  

A high level of diversity among plants, animals and all living things is essential for maintaining a healthy functioning environment, fit for human life. This includes diversity within species, between species and diversity of ecosystems. 

We rely on living things to provide some of the most important needs in our daily lives; from the wooden beams that keep our homes standing, to the cotton fibres in our clothes, and from the oxygen that we breath to the food on our platesWe interact with and have an impact on living things, directly and indirectly every day through our lifestyles; e.g. the food we choose to eat or how we manage our gardens. Being aware of this interaction, and making choices to support wildlife and our natural environments is very important.  


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