• Homework Diary
    Homework Diary should be checked daily to ensure all homework is complete, teacher may communicate in notes section of the diary.  Absent notes should be used (back of diary) to explain absences.
  • Letters sent home with children
    Letters may be sent home with children to inform parents about various events/happenings taking place in the school or school community.
  • Text Messages
    TextAParent is used to remind/update parents about quizzes, matches, masses etc.
  • Phone Calls
    Phone calls may be made to parents to inform them if their child is sick etc.
  • Parent/Teacher Meetings
    Parent/Teacher Meetings usually take place in October.  This is an important opportunity for parents to meet teachers for an update on their child’s progress thus far.
  • End of Year Reports
    Reports are sent out at the end of the school year and they outline a child’s progress throughout the year.